· Highest Quality – Lowest Price

· One Order – One Parcel – One Delivery

· Save Time and Money

· Food Safe

· Odourless, tasteless and clear Pure Mineral Oil with the highest British Parmacopeia certification

· High quality Pure Beeswax Blocks

· Easy application with very good coverage

· Thousands sold to food safe environments

· Ideal for wood, slate and stone

· Highly rated by our customers for quality and value


Many of our customers have given us feedback that it would be great to be able to buy these together, so here they are.

This excellent combination of Pure Mineral Oil and Pure Beeswax saves you time and money, as you only have to order once. No hassle of searching and buying separately. Additionally there are cost savings, as you are not paying for two deliveries.

The high quality Pure Mineral Oil penetrates into the wood, providing protection and revitalises the wood’s natural colour and character, while the Pure Beeswax gives a protective sheen finish. Together they will prolong the life of the wood. They will also work extremely well on slate and stone.

The Mineral Oil is tasteless and odourless. Both the Mineral Oil and Beeswax are food safe so ideal for chopping boards, wooden bowls, cheese boards, breadboards and all kitchen and dining utensils. They can be used on all things made of wood, slate or stone.

Our customers highly rate our Mineral Oil and Beeswax for it’s quality, good coverage, ease of application and lasts longer between applications.


It’s simply excellent or as our customers tell us “they tried others but ours is the best!”

There are different grades of Mineral Oil. We supply the highest grade available. Using lower grade oil may not be as effective and may cause damage. Be aware of lower quality oils.

Please note: The combined weight of 2 blocks will be equal to or greater than 56g.

Pure Mineral Oil 500ml & 2 x 28g Pure Beeswax Blocks

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