· Food Safe

· Odourless, tasteless and clear

· Easy application with very good coverage

· Highest rating British Pharmacopeia certification

· Thousands sold to food safe environments

· Ideal for wood, slate and stone

· Highly rated by our customers for quality and value


The high quality Pure Mineral Oil penetrates into the wood, providing protection and revitalizes the wood’s natural colour and character. It will also prolong the life of the wood. It also works extremely well on slate and stone.

The Mineral Oil is tasteless, odourless, clear and food safe, so ideal for chopping boards, wooden bowls, cheese boards, bread boards and all kitchen and dining utensils.


Our customers highly rate our mineral oil (see our feedback) for it’s quality, good coverage, ease of application and lasts longer between applications. It’s simply excellent or as our customers tell us “they tried others but ours is the best!”


In our opinion, Mineral Oil is the most under rated oil. As a food safe protective coating it can be used on anything made from wood, slate or stone.

Here are some other uses.

Beauty – as part of a skin lotion or for massage

Shopfitting – to coat internal wood

Boats & Yachts – to coat internal wood

Joinery Manufacturing

Mechanical Lubrication

High Tech Computer Industry

3D Printing – as part of the cleaning process and wax resin removal

High Tech Electronics Industry – inert circuit board protection

Catering – slicing machinery and equipment

Feel free to contact us on if you require any further information on additional uses.


Highest quality medical grade approved and fully meets the British Pharmacopeia and USA certification to DAB, Codex certification to USB178.362(a) and FDA 172.878 USP specification. The Mineral Oil is tasteless, clear and food safe.



It’s so quick and very easy to apply. We recommend a folded kitchen paper, simply coat the item and leave to dry. Once dry, wipe over with a paper kitchen towel.


Pure Mineral Oil - 5 Litre

SKU: PMP5000
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