· Food Safe

· Odourless, tasteless and transparent when dry

· Restores, conditions and protects

· Great coverage and easy application

· Made from natural oils and pure waxes

· Ideal for wood, slate, marble and stone

· Highly rated by our customers for quality


Brandon Bespoke have developed a liquid version of our popular food safe Wax Oil Treatment, which is made from natural oils and pure waxes.

Our Liquid Wax Oil Treatment is hand made using traditional methods.

The natural oils soak in and conditions, whilst the waxes create a protective sheen finish. This will prolong the life of the wood and restores the colour, grain and lovely natural characteristics of the wood. It is also great on slate, marble and stone.

The treatment is ideal for bare or treated surfaces and is carefully formulated to give a natural deep sheen finish and when applied it is tasteless, odourless and transparent.

Our customers rate our Liquid Wax Oil Treatment for quality, coverage and value.

Traditional joiners and woodturners love the ease of application using either a brush or a cloth. It’s even easier for you in the kitchen using a kitchen towel and following the simple instructions.

Free of chemicals, solvents and harmful substances.

Perfect for all items in the dining room and kitchen including chopping boards, cheese boards, bread boards, butchers blocks and bowls.

Liquid Wax Oil Treatment - 5 Litre

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