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How should I maintain my wooden chopping boards and bowls?​

Firstly and most importantly keep them clean and apply a food safe pure mineral oil regularly, which will soak gently into the wood, protecting and nourishing it and at the same time bringing out the beauty of the natural wood. This will make your boards last a lot longer. Wax oil does all of these things but also coats the surface with natural waxes, giving further protection, lasting longer between coats and leaving a natural sheen finish. This also extends the life of your chopping board.

Why buy Brandon Bespoke products?

All of our products are food safe and made from the finest natural oils and waxes. Our excellent quality is confirmed by our fantastic feedback on our Amazon and Ebay stores.


Can I use olive or vegetable oil on my chopping board?

We would not recommend this, as both have a limited shelf life and go rancid, which would make your chopping board rife with bacteria.

Can I immerse my chopping board in water?

The only way to get your chopping boards clean and free of salmonella and other bacteria is to quickly dip them into warm, soapy water, scrub with a washing up brush or pad, rinse and immediately wipe dry. However, we do not recommend leaving them immersed to soak as the water will penetrate the wood and cause it to bow or split.

What is grain lift?

Grain lift is as a result of surface expansion of small grain particles when subjected to wood treatment or water. It is usually quite rare when coating Hardwood, more common in soft wood. However it is very easy to correct: simply sand down the offending area and reapply the treatment.

What are the benefits of oiling or waxing my chopping board?

Oils and waxes soak into the wood, protecting and conditioning them and bringing out the natural colour and grain of the wood, and extending the life of the product.

MSDS Sheets for Pure Mineral Oil


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